«Тілдарын – 2016» Olympiad

For realizing a cultural project “Triunity of languages” and trilingual teaching program, worked out in KazNMU there was arranged «Тілдарын – 2016» Olympiad together with the department of linguistic disciplines among the students of the 1st and 2nd courses of “General medicine”faculty(responsible teachers: are associated prof.SuleimenovaO.Ya., senior teacher Sadykova A.A.).

«Тілдарын – 2016» Olympiad included 2 stages: the 1st stage was oral interviewin Kazakh, Russian and English languages and the 2nd stage was a presentation on the theme: “My future profession”. All participants of the Olympiad were creative in performing theirtasks; they gave information rich in contentand made presentations in fluent Kazakh, Russian and English languages.All of them showed their oratorical abilities and the best slides, photos and other informational materials in presentation of the theme.

The participants were greeted by advisor of rector of the universityMustafinaZh.G., head of the department on working with students Shyngysbayev L.S.,head of foreign languages and professional foreign languages chair, associated prof. SuleimenovaO.Ya.

There were announced the winners of the Olympiad:

Ist place –MakhmutovAlisher, a student of group 16-036 (1),“General Medicine”faculty.

IIndplace – SabdenBauyrzhan, a student of group 15-033(1) ,“General Medicine” faculty.

IInd place –Yugai Sergey, a student of group 15-032 (1) ,“General Medicine” faculty.

IIIrd place – Gapurov Abbas, a student of group 15-039 (2),“GeneralMedicine”  faculty.

IIIrdplace – IzbasarovAdlet,a student of group 16-016 (2),“GeneralMedicine”  faculty.

IIIrdplace – RustemBekarys,a student of group 16-024 (1),“GeneralMedicine”  faculty.

Foreign languages and professional foreign languages department

Senior teacher :Sadykova A.A.