About the student’s work «Students’ planet».

It became a good tradition at the department of foreign languages to hold annually «Students’ planet» competition on foreign languages.

This year such a competition was conducted on 17.04.13 in the theatre of «Concordia»(the organizers of that were senior teachers of the department Biktasheva G.M., SagantayevaS.Kh..

The aim of this event was popularization of foreign languages within the framework of the trilangualteachingprogram, accepted in КазНМУ.

The main criteria of competition were: good language proficiency, creativity and presentation, musical accompaniment, stage suits and requisites.

On a competition the representatives of university administration were present:

MustafinaZh.G., an adviser of rector, Ospanov T.T.,  a director of Department of general studies, Datkhayev U.M., dean of pharmaceutical faculty, representatives of students’government.

The judges of competition defined next winners:

In a nomination «The best presentation of poem» :

The 1st placewas given to Alimzhanova B. gr.№11-007 stom.faculty

The 2nd placewas  given to Atabayeva N.гр № 110-26 ОМ

The 3rd place  was given to Kurbanmuradova A.gr. № 12-041 General Medicine

In a nomination «The best performing of plays and sketches» :

The 1st placewas  given to  «Star-child» ,gr.. №12-041 General Medicine

The 2nd placewas given to  «Unexpected fiasco» ,gr.. №11-041 General Medicine

The 3rdplace was given to Macbeth — «Witches», Midsummer of night’s dream, gr..№ 11-005, 11-007 stom.

In a nomination “The best singing of songs”

The 1st place was given to Djaugasharova A. gr. 12-008 General Medicine

The 2nd place was given to Bisen B. gr.12-001 General Medicine, Gjumasilova M. with groups№11-008, №11-010 general Medicine

The 3rd place was given to Galimova A., Galimova Sh., №11-005 stom.,Tolenova N. gr.№11-001 General Medicine, Suleiman A. gr.№11-016 General Medicine

A gift for all participants of competition was unique, opera voice of Messova O.,astudent ofthe 4 course of stomatological faculty and performance of «Екіжұлдыз»  competition winnersSaifuddinkyzyA.and Balkan А., Borikhan E.,students of stomatological faculty..

Head of foreign languages department, associate professor Suleimenova O. Ya.marked that such arrangements of educational character induced motivation to the study of foreign language and develop the spiritual culture of young people.