April 13, 2012 a conference of young scientists in the Faculty of Pharmacy Science Day KazNMU them. SD Asfendiyarov

The conference presentations were made by masters and doctoral faculty. Pharmacist-manager module presented three reports. As a result of competition for the best report of an undergraduate place was a year Sadvokasova Dinar (k biol.n. Head, Associate Professor Nurahov DB, Consultant MD, professor Pichkhadze GM), the theme of «.»

1-year Master of EN Demchenko performed with a presentation on «Internet pharmacies as a way of promotion of pharmaceutical products, the pros and cons», the head k.farm.n., Associate Professor Shopabaeva AR 2-year Master of Konakbaeva AA performed with the results of studies conducted in Almaty, and Kharkov on «Features of the medical (pharmaceutical agent) pharmaceutical company representative,» the head of k.farm.n., Associate Professor Shopabaeva AR.