Heart and blood circulation system

On the 10.04.13 in the chair of foreign languages the demonstrative lesson on the theme: “Heart and blood circulation system” according to General Educational Disciplines Committee plan was carried out by a teacher Turumbuyeva R.R. in group №11-10-02 faculty of General Medicine.

The demonstrative lesson was carried out as a conference, consillium of doctors, where the cardiological patients were discussed, and doctors-interns asked more experienced specialists about the condition of patients and methodic of heart operations.

The new interactive technologies are widely used in our chair by conducting of lessons. This demonstrative lesson was carried out with the use of modern computer technologies, notebook, diaprojector.

The demonstrative lesson attended the head of the chair, associate prof. Suleymenova O. Ya., senior teachers Sadykova A.A., Elenova A.K. and other teachers.

The lesson was conducted in German language, methodically correct.