Information about scientific-research work of students at foreign languages department

On the 28.03.2013 the teachers from foreign languages department and students of General Medicine and stomatological faculties took part in the work of students’ scientific conference,  2 nd  turn, organized by pharmaceutical faculty.

In the work of conference 10 students with 5 reports in English and German languages took part in language disciplines section; 6 students of GM and stomatological faculties prepared 5 stand reports.

Student Adil Alibek, group 12-024GM with report on the theme: «Sag, Nein zu Drogen! Sag, Ja zum Leben!» took the 2-nd place in section, scientific supervisor, head of the chair, docent Sulejmenova O.Ya.

Student Aryzbekova Aliya, group №12-041 GM with report on the theme: «Influence of environment on fetus development» took the 3-rd place in section, scientific supervisor, senior teacher Biktasheva G.M.

The Conference had theoretical and practical significance, students improved their knowledges in studied foreign languages, gained skills in scientific works compiling. In future the chair plans to widen the subjects of scientific reports and to draw the greater number of students to participation in SSIW.