Module Pharmacist-Manager

The module of preparation of the pharmacist-manager is one of leading structures of pharmaceutical faculty. Now training is carried out on credit technology in the Kazakh and Russian languages. The module works at a bachelor degree on GOSO of-2006 years, students 2, 3, 4, 5 courses are trained. Teaching is carried out on 4-base and 10 elektivny disciplines. Educational and work practice of students after 1, 3, and 4 courses. Also undergraduates and doctoral candidates in «Pharmacy» and «Technology of pharmaceutical production» are trained. Undergraduates hold student and research teaching.



  • head of the pharmaceutical enterprise, chemist’s organization
  • the pharmacist-manager (the area manager, the manager at office, on work with clients, the manager, on purchases (logistics), to supply)
  • pharmacist-inspector
  • pharmacist informant
  • medical (pharmaceutical) representative
  • pharmacist-expert in marketing-commodity researcher
  • The merchandiser-adviser in drugstores
  • the pharmacist on wholesales
  • the pharmacist on retails


Direction of scientific work:

  • • Marketing research pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan..
  • Farmakoekonomichesky researches of activity pharmaceutical enterprise.


The base:

1. «Pharmacy history» — the 2nd course.

2. «A medical and pharmaceutical tovarovedeniye» — the 3rd course.

3. «The organization of bases of pharmaceutical activity» — the 3rd course.

4. Management and pharmacy economy» — the 4th course.


1. Introduction to specialty medicine and health of RK

2. the ethics of professional communication

3. Pharmaceutical care

4. Pharmaceutical information

5. basic pharmaceutical logistics

6.Basics of Pharmacoeconomics

7. Faculty of management and marketing, merchandising in pharmacy organizations

8. basic business of pharmacy. Market organization,

9. the Organization of activity of medical and pharmaceutical representative.

10. the registration and re-registration of medicines in RK


Course 1 students are teaching study, 3, 4 courses – training and work experience.  Base practice: No. 1, Pharmacies GKB 4, 5, 7; CGKB No. 12; BSMP; CSG; GKDB No. 1, 2; Dàrìhana LLP, -84 LLP AS Against; Viva Pharm LLP;  FE Adibaeva Bidasova g.k., C.c. and distributors in Almaty.

Industrial practice practice in NFAU (Ukraine), Kharkov
Industrial practice practice in a drugstore of BSMP of Almaty

At the preparation module «Pharmacist-manager» work: Nurakhov D. of B — к.б.н. the assistant professor, Zhumayeva G. Ш the-senior teacher, teachers — Adibayeva G. To, Bidasova G. K., Nauryzaliyeva Zh.T., Kilibekova Zh.Sh. — laboratory assistant. The manager of the module Shopabaeva A.R.

Round table on a subject « Role of pharmaceutical information in marketing communications » teachers, undergraduates and students 4 courses participate.