Module Pharmacist-Technologist

The module of Training of the pharmacist-technologist is one of leading structures of pharmaceutical faculty.At present studying is carried out on credit technology in the Kazakh and Russian languages.Teaching is carried out on a bachelor, master’s and PhD degrees on basic and elective subjects.

The work directions in branch of the pharmacist-technologist:

  • Organizational and administrative
  • Manufacturing and technological
  • Experimental and research
  • Educational (pedagogical)


Heads of the chair of technology of medicinal forms

  1. Dubinin Nikolay Stepanovich (1955-1987)
  2. Dilbarkhanov Rakhimzhan Dilbarkhanovich (1987-1997), (2010-2011)
  3. Abdullin Kelesbek Ashimbekovich (1997-2003)
  4. Datkhayev Ubaydulla Makhambetovich (2003-2007)
  5. Bayzoldanov Tolegen Bayzoldanovich (2007-2010)
  6. Sakipova Zuriyadda Bektemirovna since 2011

The chair of technology of medicinal forms was established in 1955.The doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, the professor N. S. Dubinin (1955-1987) who graduated the Tashkent pharmaceutical institute in 1942 became the first head of chair.From 1967 to 1984 N. S. Dubininheaded pharmaceutical faculty, under his managementat faculty scientific work at faculty was conducted, educational laboratories were equipped with devices, processing equipment, the educational and methodical grants, necessary literature.The first collaborators, enclosed there is many forces and abilities in formation of chair were: Polyakov Alexandra Fiodorovna, Sdobnikova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, Nikishchenko Tamara Kornilovna, Borodayeva Lilia Sergeevna, etc.Formation and development of chair is closely connected with a name of the graduate of the Tashkent pharmaceutical institute to Ibragimova Nurbika Hayrullinovna (1925-2004).Ibragimova N. H worked at faculty 40 years — since 1957 she is the senior teacher of chair of technology of medicinal forms, in 1964-1967 she headed faculty, then  for many years she worked as the deputy head and conducted scientific and pedagogical work.From 1987 to 1999 and 2010-2011 the chair was headed by Dilbarkhanov R. D. — the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, the professor.Dilbarkhanov R. D. directed also faculty from 1984 to 1995.He is an author more than 200 scientific articles, books, monographs. Under his management were successfully protected 30 candidate and 10 doctoral dissertations.Since 2000 chairs of the organization and economy of pharmacy (OEP) and technology of medicinal forms (TMF) were incorporated in one OEP and TMF chair under the management of professor K.A.Abdullin.Since 2002 the united chair of OEP and technologies of drugs was headed by doctor of pharmaceutical scienceU.M.Datkhayev. He graduated from pharmaceutical faculty of Almaty State Medical Institute in 1990. At chairworked since August, 1990.

From 2007 the chair of technology of medicinal forms was headed by doctor ofpharmaceutical sciences BayzoldanovTolegen. Under his management 2 dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of pharmaceutical sciences were protected; he is the author of two monographs intended for medico- legal experts and students of pharmaceutical higher educational institutions in toxicological chemistry. He published more than 80 scientific and practical articles in domestic and international editions.He has 2 prepatents and 1 copyright certificate of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since November 1, 2011 the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, the assistant professor Sakipova Zuriyadda Bektimirovna became the head of the module of training of the pharmacist-technologist.

The head of the Pharmacist-technologist module of Kazakh National Medical University named after S. D. Asfendiyarov, expert of Republic State Enterprise center «The national center of examination of medicines, products of medical appointment and a medical technology» of the Ministries of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1988 graduated Almaty State Medical Institute with honors by specialty – the pharmacist. 1988-1990-the trainee – the researcher, 1990-1996 – the teacher, 1996-1999 – the graduate student of chair, 1999-2005 the-senior teacher, the assistant professor, 2005-2008 — PhD studed in Kazakh National Medical University named after S. D. Asfendiyarov, protection of the PhD dissertation on a subject: «Bentonite clay as a basis for medicinal forms» specialty 15 00 01: The technology of medicines, the organization and pharmacy economy, is appropriated degree of the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences

She is author more than 80 scientific publications, 6 inventions, standard programs, educational and methodical worksand monographs.


Teaching staff

Today 9 teachers work at the module, 4 of them have degree of the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences,  4 of them have degree of the candidate of pharmaceutical sciences and 1 Candidate of Chemistry.


Teaching staff of the module of training of «pharmacist of the technologist»:

  • Sakipova Zuriyadda Bektimirovna, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, assistant professor,
  • Dilbarkhan-uly Rakhimzhan, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor,
  • Kiyashev Daulet Karimovich, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor
  • Datkhayev Ubaydulla Makhambetovich, doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, professor
  • Ustenova Gulbaram Omargaziyevna,  doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, assistant professor.
  • Zhakirova Nurbibi Kunypiyaevna, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, assistant professor
  • Zheterova Svetlana Kenzheevna, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, senior teacher
  • Kozhanova Kaldanay Karzhauovna, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, senior teacher
  • Kapsalyamova Elmira Nikolaevna, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, teacher


Module programs: 

Bachelor degree, specialty 051103 «Pharmacy»

2nd course, 3d course, 4th course

Specialty 051105-«Pharmacy»


Specialty 050721-«Chemical technology of organic substances»

5thcourse — correspondence department

Master’s degree, specialty 6М110400 «Pharmacy»

1-2nd courses

Master’s degree, specialty 6М074800 «Technology of pharmaceutical production»


PhD degree, specialty 6D074800 «Technology of pharmaceutical production»

1st course

Form of education – Credit studying system

Subjects (disciplines) trained on the module of trainings of the pharmacist-technologist


Bachelor degree, specialty 051103 «Pharmacy»

Obligatory component (base)

Technology of drugs the 5th course (8 credits), IX-X term


Component for choice (elective)

  • The requirements to the pharmaceutical production the 2nd course, ІV term, 2 credits
  • Traditional medicinal forms, 2nd course, ІV term, 1 credit
  • Bases of technology of drugs, 3rd course, VІ term, 2 credits
  • Processes and devices of pharmaceutical technology, 4th course, V ІІ term, 2 credits
  • Bases of industrial technology, 4th course, V ІІ term, 2 credits
  • System of providing quality of medicinal forms, 4th course, V ІІІ term, 2 credits
  • Biotechnology bases, 5th course ІХ term
  • Introduction in cosmetology  5th course, ІХ  term, 2 credits
  • Biopharmaceutical aspects of technology of medicinal forms, 5th course, X term


Master’s degree, specialty 6М110400 «Pharmacy»

Component for choice (elective)

Industrial sanitary and safety measures in the Republic of Kazakhstan- 2credits

Technology of perfumery and cosmetology means – 2 credits

Pharmaceutical homeopathy – 2 credits


Master’s degree, specialty 6М074800 «Technology of pharmaceutical production»

Obligatory component (base)

  • • Modern technologies in manufacturing of medicinal forms – 2 credits
  • • Polymers in modern pharmacy and medicine – 2 credits
  • • Scientific research work – 2 credits


Component for choice (elective)

Modern technologies of receiving phytoTrainings – 2 credits

Rationing of pharmaceutical production -1 credit


PhD degree, specialty 6D074800 «Technology of pharmaceutical production»

Obligatory component (base)

  • • Fundamental bases of modern production technologies of medicines and antibiotics – 3 credits
  • • Modern nanotechnologies in creation of polymeric medicinal forms – 4 credits



Students of the 5th course hold educational and industrial practice. Places of practice: State drugstores, N 1, 4, 5, 7 grugstores,LLP Darikhana -84, LLP “Zhaik AS”,LLP “Viva Pharm”, LLP“Fitoleum”, LLP“ Pharmacuitical production”, LLP“Sultan”.


Scientific directions of the module of Training of the pharmacist-technologist: «Research of structure and technology of the new medicinal forms possessing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action»

Aim: search and introduction of new active and excipients, creation of medicinal forms on their basis, possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.



  • development of an optimum mode of SK-extraction for the following types of medicinal herbal raw materials – leaves of a sage medicinal, a flower of a camomile chemist’s, herbs of a St. John’s Wort made a hole, prickles camel Kirghiz
  • studying of physical and chemical, volume and technological properties bentonite clays of various fields of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • studying of chemical and physical, technological properties of lipids of an animal, phytogenesis.
  • development of medicinal products with use of the phytoextracts received by a method of a supercritical carbooxygen extraction.
  • standardization of horse fat and bentonite clay and HP on the basis of SK-exstracts
  • development of optimum structure of a basis of excipients for creation of solid, liquid and other medicinal forms.
  • development of medicinal forms: tablets, capsules, ointments, pastes, liniment, suppositories.
  • development of normative and technical documents: ST of the organization, the AND of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • biopharmaceutical researches of the worked out forms


Methods research of:

Physical, chemical, volume and technological, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biological and toxicological.


Object and subject of research:

1. Supercritical carbooxygen extracts of herbs.

2. Experimental cookery fat, horse fat

3. Bentonite clay

4. Pharmacological active substances possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions.

5. Experimental animals.

6. Carbooxygen extracts of herbs.


Scientific and practical results, a type of last products – new active substances in the form of extracts from medicinal herbal raw materials, the new excipients, new pharmaceutical inventions, optimum technology of receiving the developed medicinal substances and means;

Scientific innovation is development of new medicines with use of new active substances and excipients; the Social and medical importance of the received results — extension of the spectrum of active substances and excipients for creation of domestic Trainings and their introduction in medical practice.

Participation of University workers and students in international conferences, seminars and practices.



On the training module of «the pharmacist — technologist» the program carried out «a viziting is– of professors». For carrying out lectures and a practical training are invited scientists from the Perm pharmaceutical academy, Piterburg pharmaceutical academy, National pharmaceutical university of Ukraine, the Tashkent medical university, the Siberian state university, and also scientists from Xin-Chien of medical university (China).

Assembly lecture of professor E.I.Molokhova (Perm pharmaceutical academy) on subject of «Biotechnology basis»

Participants of assembly lecture on the program of professors visiting, 2011.



Celebration of Nauryz holiday 

Meeting of students with veterans of the Second World War