On holding of the Day of Foreign Languages department

It is a tradition an annual commencement of foreign languages department. This year the next commencement ​​was held on February 28, 2013 in the Hall of Fame. Welcoming remarks were made by the director of  general studies department Ospanov T.T., dean of  pharmaceutical faculty, prof. Datkhayev U.M., head of Russian language department, prof. Zhanpeisova U.A.,  head of  Foreign Languages department, associated prof. Suleimenova O.Ya., who stressed the importance of this event, held as part of the trilingual education programme developed in KazNMU under the guidance of KazNMU rector, prof. Akanov A.A.
Head  of the department studies, senior teacher Sadykova A.A. made an extensive presentation on the activities of the department with slide show about the history, the teaching staff, teaching methods, scientific and educational work with the display of various tables, charts, and photographs. Then there was a concert by the students of 1,2 courses of stomotological faculty, general medicine and technology of pharmaceutical manufacture. The students sang songs in English, German, French languages, read poetry, and performed dances of the peoples of the world. Students of group 11-041 (1) of general medicine faculty showed the sketch to fight corruption on the topic: «Unexpected fiasco».
It should be noted the high level of organization of the event, which promoted creativity and the development of the communicative competence of the students, which is integral to the training of highly qualified, competitive  specialists, mobile in the international educational space and the labor market.

Senior teacher Sadykova A.A.