On the round table «The experience of the introduction of new methods of teaching foreign languages at universities in Germany and UK.»

It has become a tradition each year to conduct seminars, round tables with the participation of the international German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Goethe Institute, an educational center «Study Inn» and the Department of foreign languages.
This year, the next seminar in the round table «The experience of the introduction of new methods of teaching foreign languages ​​at universities in Germany and the UK» was held on April 25, 2013. The event was held to share educational and methodic information in the introduction of interactive teaching methods and rethinking of teachers and students’ approach to educational process, scholarship programs.

Susan Becker, deputy director of Goethe institute in Almaty has made a very interesting and informative report on the use of the Internet — resources in learning a foreign language.
Director of the DAAD information centre Mikael Yauman informed about the work of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which initiates and supports programs in education, medicine, culture and arts, civic initiatives, organizing joint educational and scholarship programs for master degree, summer courses, semester or research scholarships in Kazakhstan and Germany.

Orynbayevа Z.T., manager of the educational center «Study Inn» spoke on «The Role of the Cambridge tests in improving the level of English.»

Head chair, Associate Professor O. Suleimenova summarizing the results of the round table emphasized the need for measures to promote the development of language competence, which is an integral part of training highly skilled, competitive, professional and mobile in the international educational space and the labor market.

The round table was held in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, in close contact teachers and students, in the spirit of academic freedom and educational partnership.

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