October 24, 2012 passed the «Open Day» module «pharmacist-manager.» In the Days of the presentation module elective disciplines, which were made by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Dathaev U.M., ED associate director Ustenova G.O., head of the module Shopabaeva A.R. and teachers of the module.

The purpose of the module: the preparation of highly qualified professionals to work in the field of drug treatment, medical supplies and medical equipment.

Currently, the module provides:

  • Education undergraduate 5B110300 specialty «Pharmacy»
  • Education undergraduate specialty 074800 «Technologies for Pharmaceutical Production»
  • Education Master’s degree in 6M110400 — «Pharmacy»
  • Education Master’s degree in 6M074800 «Technology pharmaceutical production»
  •  Doctoral studies in specialty 6D110400 — «Pharmacy»
  • Doctoral studies in specialty 6D074800 «Technology Pharmaceutical Production»


Statement by head the module Shopabaevoy A.R.

Speech by Dean Faculty of Pharmacy, professor Dathaeva U.M

WORK IN THE INDUSTRY pharmacist manager:

  • Head of pharmaceutical companies, drug stores:
  • Pharmacist — manager (regional manager, in the office, to work with clients, the administrator, on purchasing (pharmacist — logistician), Sourcing)
  • pharmacist — Inspector
  • pharmacist — informant
  • medical (pharmaceutical) representative
  • pharmacist — marketing — merchandise
  • merchandiser — Consultant at the pharmacy
  •  pharmacist on wholesale sales
  • pharmacist retail sales

Speech by the head teacher of the module teacher Nauryzalievoy J.T.

Speech  lecturer Nurahova D.B.

Speech by the medical representative pharmaceutical company «Janssen», 2 years of a student Blatova R.


Speech by the medical representative pharmaceutical company KRKA

1 year of master Kishtibaevoy A.E.

Speech Master of Medical Sciences in the specialty «Pharmacy» teacher Baktybaevoy M.R.

Speech teacher Bidasova G.K.

«Open Day» module «Pharmacist-manager»

Students and teachers of the Faculty of Pharmacy KazNMU after named S.D. Asfendiyarov