Optional lesson on the theme: “G.N.G. Byron’s creative work”

04.04.2013 senior teacher in English language Lozenko I.V. carried out an optional lesson on the theme: “For beauty’s sometimes best set of afar”.

During the lesson students from groups 11-006, 11-007 stomatological faculty told about life and literatural activity of great English romantic poem-writer G.N.G. Byron, performed scenes from his well-known poems: “Child Harold’s Pilgrimage”, “Beppo”, recited fragments from poems and plays: “My soul is dark….”, “Stanzas to Augusta”, “Doge of Venice”, “Maid of Athens” and others.

All poetic works were performed according to original author’s language and style. The teacher together with students prepared theatrical costumes and properties belonging to the begin of the XIX th century.

At the end of the lesson students answered on quizzing game questions about G.N.G. Byron life and literatural activity. Optional lesson had an educational and cognitional significance, students improved their knowledge in English language, got additional information in literature and culture of Great Britain.