April 5-6, 2012 in Almaty hosted the III International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Pharmacovigilance. Falsification of drugs «with the participation of international experts, representatives of regulatory bodies in the drug market of the CIS countries, experts in the field of clinical pharmacology, the formulary system, healthcare, and representatives of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, etc.

The purpose of the conference — to ensure effective dialogue between the pharmaceutical market, an objective assessment of the situation, make proposals to improve the state system of monitoring and pharmacovigilance for the side effects of drugs, strengthening measures to prevent the spread of counterfeit medicines, sharing of experiences with the national pharmacovigilance centers of the CIS countries, WHO, international Institute for the fight against counterfeit medicines.

Since 2008, Kazakhstan is recognized as a full member of the WHO international program to monitor adverse drug reactions. This makes it possible to obtain from the WHO data bank, which employs more than 7 million messages, information about all such cases.

The head of the WHO program Sten Olsson (Sweden, Upssala) expressed confidence that the joint efforts of producers, consumers, regulatory authorities, medical and public health will help to address important humanitarian task — protecting the health of patients.
Pharmacovigilance began to be implemented in Kazakhstan since 2005. If you PWG «National Centre of medicines and medical products, medical equipment,» organized by Department of MH RK monitoring of drug side effects. As a result of his work more than 40 drugs withdrawn from the pharmaceutical market in the country, said General Director of the Center Arnur Nurtayev.