Research work

One of the main scientific interests is the research of natural substances that may have biological value, so called, bio-pharmacology. Our department has been investigating an exact action of neurotrophic and local anesthetics since 1950 in collaboration with Institute of Chemical Sciences (ICS Kaz.SSR). In close collaboration with a laboratory of organic synthesis at ICS several research works were carried on; for instance, “evaluation of biological activity of newly synthesized derivatives of deca-hydro-chinoline and piperidine depending on their structures”. At present, the main research work is concentrated on further investigation of piperidine and amidoxime derivatives and their anesthetic properties. After that, together with organic laboratory synthesis at ICS RK following projects were carried on; for instance, discovery of local anesthetics with anti-arrhythmic properties, an association between the pharmacological activity and the chemical structure. Nowadays, main scientific directions of the department are:

1. Investigation of new local anesthetics and anti-arrhythmic substances in piperidine and amidoxime derivatives. The main purpose is to find substances with low toxicity, high anti-arrhythmic and anesthetic properties.

2.  Design of new original medicines synthetically obtained from home natural substances.  (Combination of local anesthetics with prolonged action, anti-tuberculosis, sorbents, analgesics) .

3. Pharmaco-economic and pharmaco-epidemiologic analysis of drugs provision system in the relation to socially significant diseases.

4. Evaluation of drug provision system in the Republic of Kazakhstan for socially significant diseases (tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer, orphan diseases).

5. Investigation of nano-polymer based perspective local prolonged anesthetics.

 Research works-grants:

For the last 4 years 3 grant works were carried on; currently, grant researches are held on:

1. Developing of new highly active and low toxic membrane stabilizing substances (in collaboration with ICS ME RK).

2. Developing of new anti-infectious drugs (with Republic Targeted Scientific-Technical Program).

Some of programs that had been successfully evaluated by Ministry of Health Republic of Kazakhstan:

1) Developing of antibiotics affecting micelles for antibiotic resistant strains. To be developed in association with the Institute of Molecular Biology RK.

2) Developing of alternative medicines for the treatment of iron-deficient anemia and rickets in very young children considering main risk factors.

Apart from these, our staff actively participates in the international research concerning acute toxicity of newly synthesized anti-tuberculosis compounds. (ME RK, ICS RK, Medical Centre for Veterans, New York)

Inventive and rationalization activity at the department

1. 2 Eurasian Patents taken out

2. 1 patent RK taken out

3. 25 patents RK taken out ( local anesthetics and anti-arrhythmic “Kazcaine” was chosen as Invention of the Year 2004). Prof. Pichkhadze (with co-authors) was awarded with The State Prize for his work “Development, investigation and introduction of new original home drugs obtained from synthetic and plant raw materials”

For the last 3 years, 1 MD, 5 MSci has been defended; also, 5 research works for MD, 4 PhDs are running. The department has been actively participating in numerous conferences in Switzerland, Canada and Malta.

Together with British Scientists, an international conference was held in 2003 which was dedicated to “Problems of rationalized application of plants derived phyto-drugs”. In 2005, the department organized international scientific seminar “Biogenization of the water, water ecology topical problems affecting the human life safety”.

The results of scientific works have practical significance not only for the educational process but for the clinical practice; so for example, wide practical introduction in hospitals and educational organizations of Almaty. For decades, Prof. Pichkhadze has been examining many scientific reports and projects for biological department of SIS RK.