Research work of students

Students, undergraduates, PhD doctoral students and teachers who implement their knowledge and skills in educational activities, when choosing topics for dissertations, when formulating projects for grants, are actively involved in the work, within the framework of the NRSS.

Students of the department take an active part in various scientific competitions and events. Annually the competition for the best student work is held.

The research activity of students in the reporting period was aimed at popularizing fundamental knowledge, fostering the interest of young people in research search, providing new opportunities for development and growth, introducing innovative creative ideas. In 2016, the scientific research work of students was successfully developed, in which more than 100 students took part. In April 2016, another scientific and technical student conference was held, within the framework of which 36 reports were presented, 29 abstracts were published, including 9 in foreign languages.

In general, the student scientific circles function in the department. The total number of students participating in SRWS is 150 people. The students of the department published 50 articles in student’s collections of scientific works.